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Serving London and Nearby Areas Since 2008!

We offer tree removal, stump grinding, and tree trimming services. Call us for a free estimate. We provide 24-hour emergency service.

London’s Trusted Tree Service Professionals

If the tree in your yard is too old or weak and needs to be removed, get in touch with the tree service professionals in London - Stumps n’ Trunks. We can remove an unwanted tree safely from your property. Our services also include stump removal and stump grinding. If you want to tend the trees in the property, we can help. We offer tree pruning services as well. When you hire us you can be ensured that your task is fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner.

Our company is fully licensed and insured and we serve both the commercial and the residential clients in London and surrounding areas. For more information on our services, please contact us.

Tree Removal Services

Sometimes it becomes inevitable to remove a tree from the property. It might be that the tree is completely diseased, or is in a position to pose a threat to your property. Roots from some trees might disrupt the power line or crack the sewage tank. In such situations, you can call us. We can safely remove the tree from the property, hardly affecting the surrounding environment. 

Our team can remove stumps as well. If your lawn has stumps that are to be removed, we can handle it. We have the required equipment and a skilled team to grind the stumps to the surface and make your lawn smooth and obstruction-free.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

You can call us for pruning trees in your property. If you are an estate owner and need those extra branches of the tree to be removed, before you show the property to your clients, our team can help. Pruning not only eliminates the chance of a branch accidentally falling down but also makes the tree healthy. And a well-shaped tree also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Has a tree fallen over your fence or roof after a storm? Call us now on 519-675-8733! We offer 24-hour emergency tree removal services.

Your Local Team for Tree Servicing

Learn more about your trusted tree services provider in London.

Tree Trimming Services

Make the trees healthy along with adding the aesthetic value of your property.

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